• 3 nights Mountainview Resort

  • 2 excursions

  • local transfers

  • half board

  • free WiFi

  • minimum 2 persons

Get into the wild life with a touch of luxury. Stay three nights at the Mountain View Resort and explore the area on two excursions. The resort offers half board and free WiFi as well as all local transports.

On request, additional dives or nights can be booked. Combine this module with one or two other modules to avoid sightseeing or adventure in the area.


On the first day you arrive at the 630 meters above sea level located Mountain View Resort & Spa and start with your first hike to the house mountain of Kaim. From there you can enjoy magnificent views of the Lokon-Empung twin volcano and the coastal town of Manado. On the 2ndday you hike up to the volcano you saw from the distance the day before. Following a narrow path and a solidified lava flow until you are below the short Tampaloa crater that lies in the saddle between Lokon and Empung, at a level of 1,100 meters. The last part is over scree to the walk-in crater. It seethes and hisses. Vapors and gases escape. Smoke rises from the abyss. From the crater rim you have a magnificent view of the Bunaken Marine National Park with its five islands.

Descent and drive to Tondano Lake, which is surrounded by the Tondano Calerdera, Indonesia’s second largest lake (after Lake Toba in Sumatra) where you enjoy lunch at a restaurant right side of the lake. Explore the the bird-rich shores in the afternoon and enjoy the panoramic view from an observation tower to Klabat (1,990 m), the highest volcano in North Sulawesi. On the last day, you drive to the starting point of the rafting tour. The waterfalls Tincep and Timbukur are falling down 70 and 90 meters. Together they are building the river Nimanga, which flows into the Celebes Sea after 35 kilometers.

This river is known for its excellent wild water possibilities. It is surrounded by dense forests and river villages. The rafting is 9 kilometers and can be finished with a short break in about two hours. After an intense safety briefing you start! It is an ultimate wild water rafting with high waves, boat flips, descents, rolling waves….

After this adventurous days, you enjoy your last dinner at the Resort before checking out the next day.


Send us your travel date to info@celebesdivers.com and we will gladly put together a program for you. For detailed information about the resort and its offers, visit www.mountainviewtomohon.com.

Price:325 euro per person // To book this module we request a minimum 2 travelers.

Mountain View Resort